A global manufacturing and R&D company of energy saving products.

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At efergy we develop consumer products to give homes access to meaningful, tangible and real-time energy information in an engaging format.

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Who we are

Efergy is a global manufacturer of energy awareness and energy savign products. We desing, develop and manufacture In-Home Displays and related products for the retail and smart metering market.

At efergy we develop consumer products to give homes access to meaningful, tangible and real-time energy information in an engaging format. Having reached to over 1 million homes in over 50 countries we aim to be a leading global brand for energy saving solutions.

What we produce

Efergy manufactures all its products in China with R&D departments in both Europe and Asia, having partnerships in many countries around the world. We work with leading utility companies around the globe, as well as bodies such as the US Government that Queensland Government that choose efergy as their solutions providers.

We design tailored products to suit the strategies of our customers, offering attractive, inexpensive and innovative energy awareness products. Our commitment to future technologies ensure we are constantly at the cutting edge of developments in the industry.

Energy monitors sold

> 1 million

Worldwide offices


Country presence

30 +


Our focus is on new product development and customer satisfaction at all levels. We pride ourselves on the quality of our innovative products and our outstanding customer support. At efergy we really care about helping our customers to get the best out of our products.

Efergy counts on a young and dynamic Product Team composed of Social Scientists, both Industrial and IU Designers and Electronic Engineers. Our Product Team develops innovative products that meet the most demanding technical requirements yet at an affordable price. We also like forming partnerships with selected Technology Companies that can bring a USP.

One of the key areas of our research and development is integrating our systems with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).  We currently have displays and devices that are connected to PLC (PRIME) and Zigbee communication standards.


We develop and produce the following products:

  • In-Home wireless energy monitors for energy monitoring and recording
  • Online energy monitoring platform, our engage system
  • The home hub, a innovative device for uploading your energy data to our engage platform
  • The elink, an energy management software
  • The eGO, a smart plug for monitoring and controlling your appliances via mobile applications.
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> $12 M

Distributors in Greece

150 +

Distributors in Cyprus



Efergy works with Businesses, Utilities and the Public Sector supplying a variety of products and services.

We tailor our solutions to meet the strategies and goals of energy utilities. Our commitment is to help bridge the gap between the utility and the consumer world and as a result of it improve satisfaction (customer retention) and trust (brand loyalty). Efergy’s keen to help Governments and Public Institutions meet their carbon targets. Our solutions and capabilities are 100% scaleable for small, medium or large energy saving projects.

If you’re an electrician, online or high street shop, PV installer, wholesaler, large retailer or even a small business, join the efergy network. We stock product and have storage facilities all over the world. We can find the best distribution channels for you to get you the product you need at the right price.

Our customers


We take partnering very seriously. With such a rapidly evolving industry, we are aware that we can’t do it all ourselves and we need to form strategic alliances. Here you will find the core companies we are partnered with: Silver Spring Technologies, Rexense, Hilderband, Protronic, Echelon, Sentec, Trilliant and others.




We make sure everything we do has a minimal impact on the environment and we have set a target of 1kWh per day per employee


At efergy we don’t just want to help consumers save energy, we think it’s our responsibility. That’s why we’re always searching for the latest energy saving information to help users save energy in all areas of their home and lifestyle.

We always strive for excellence and set the highest standards for the way we conduct business in all areas from Corporate Social Responsibility to sound business ethics. In turn, we expect the same commitment from our suppliers.

For this reason we have approved a Suppliers Code of Conduct which contains language from the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct and meets norms and standards from the International Labor Organization (ILO), Social Accountability International (SAI), and the UN Global Compact.




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