What is energy monitoring?

Don’t get a sketchy idea of your energy use

Energy monitor

The power of energy visibility

What is an energy monitor?

Real-time energy use feedback has proven to be an effective tool for raising energy awareness and reducing domestic energy consumption.

Energy monitors are the most practical way to keep track of your energy consumption anytime and can help you to cut down your energy bills. The monitors operate with wireless technology, so you can place them anywhere in the room and keeping an eye on your energy consumption.

Energy monitors are handheld or tabletop devices that will also inform you of your energy costs and carbon emissions.

Real time energy information

The energy monitor will inform you of your energy consumption in real time, so you can make adjustments in the daily use of your appliances. You can make an energy saving plan and the energy monitor will help you to track your process.

Using real-time information makes energy use tangible, while establishing trust and a natural cause and effect demonstration. Also, real-time data feedback stimulates immediate action. There are advanced models that can analyse the data in real-time and can optimise the energy profile of the house using community level data.

Discover the most powerful tool that will help you save energy and reduce your energy bills.

Our technology

Our energy monitors are equipped with the latest wireless technology, so the display can communicated over the air with its transmitter (point of reading), offering you the flexibility to always have the monitor nearby. Due to its large communication radius, you can position the monitor anywhere in your house keeping you informed of your instant energy consumption.

How does it works

The sensor clips on the power supply cable (phase) we want to monitor and with its jackplug, connects to one of the available ports of the transmitter. The sensor inductively measures the current passing through the wire and transfers these information to the transmitter, which are then transmitted wirelessly to the energy monitor’s display for processing and viewing.

The transmitter is available in two versions, a battery powered and a breaker type, to install inside your mains breaker panel. On the bottom side, it has three available ports, making it ready to be used as either single-phase or three-phase, depending on the number of sensors connected on the transmitter.

For single-phase installation you will need a single sensor, while for three-phase supplies, you will need three. The sensor is available in two sizes, depending on the outer diameter and/or the power load (Amps) of the power supply cable.

Easy installation

Install and setup you energy monitor in 4 simple steps

A fun and educational way to save energy

Learn how to use your energy the right way, and start cutting down your energy bill and save your money!

It is a fun and educational tool for everyone in the family, ideal for the professional and business.